How Much Time do You Have to Take Legal Action: Statute of Limitations

The legal system implements laws to protect plaintiffs and their cases argued, as well as defendants and evidence presented. In order of maintain accuracy and proven truths in the court of law, the statute of limitations offers a maximum amount of time between an accident or injury and when a plaintiff may take legal action in the form of lawsuits. The statute of limitations varies depending on injuries experienced and the State in which those injuries or wrong-doings occurred in.


According to California Statute of Limitations, individuals may take legal action within the given time period according to their injuries. A rough breakdown of the limitation of legal proceedings is as follows:

Personal Injury: 2 years

Fraud: 3 years

Libel / Slander / Defamation: 1 year

Injury to Personal Property: 3 years

Product Liability: 2 years

Contracts: Written, 4 years; Oral, 2 years

For more information pertaining to official state-wide Californian laws or for more information regarding legal proceedings, please follow the link by clicking HERE.

The statute of limitations confines the amount of time a plaintiff party may take action in order to preserve the integrity of the evidence while protecting the defendant. Injuries or accidents that occurred long ago may be distorted and difficult to prove without valid and current evidence. For both plaintiffs and defendants, it is vitally important to consult a professional personal injury attorney immediately after an accident to discuss individual options. Waiting too long to speak with a professional civil or tort attorney may interfere with the legal action and monetary compensation an individual is able to seek against a defendant.

For legal advice or more information about statute of limitations in California, please contact professional personal injury attorneys at Alvandi Law Group to discuss facts pertaining to individual cases and for a free consultation with no obligation. Alvandi and his team of legal advisors and attorneys help to provide quality services and advise potential clients of legal information. Alvandi Law Group actively and proudly serves residents of Orange County in Southern California and the greater Californian region. Call (800) 300-2121 to speak with a professional attorney today.

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